Top 20 Luxury RVs

23 August 2018

We’ve put together the top 20 luxury RVs from recent years that have set a new standard in the industry. These are the most luxurious vehicles for sale across the world from cheapest to the most expensive. Not interested in buying just yet? You can check out luxury RV rental in Europe instead.

1. Pilote G 781C

An integral heavy-duty large RV for sale with a Fiat Alko chassis, 130 hp and 7.87m long engine, available in three editions (Essential, Sensation and Emotion).  Each edition offers a increased level of performance and luxurious extras. Starting from £70,900

2. Burstner Elegance Grand Panorama i 920 G

More affordable than average, this Burstner luxury RV, for sale in 150 hp or 180 hp models, is equipped with a insulated and heated double floor, large drawers that close automatically, and measures less than 2.05m. Starting from: £87,120.

3. Dethleffs Globetrotter XLi 7850-2 DBM

This luxury Dethleffs RV is very well equipped, LED lights, large living space, automatic transmission, (6-speed), air-suspended seats, with double axles, this RV is for sale at an "affordable" price of £93,209.

4. Laïka Rexosline 9009

A luxury RV for sale with a Fiat Ducato 43 chassis, this luxury Laïka Rexosline 9009 (2017) includes an oven, 3 beds, for a price starting of £116,681.

5. Le Voyageur Gamme Liner

The Liner 7,5T range is only offered on IVECO carriers, the 10T and 12T leaves you the choice of the IVECO Eurocargo or MAN carrier. Count to a minimum 170hp and 189 000 €. You choose

6. Niesmann + Bischoff Flair

9 setup configurations, this RV measures 9.27 m long, 3, 29m high, has a 205 hp engine, for a price of £175,000.

7. Carthago Liner Luxe 65LE

Carthago, the German specialist in high-end integrators, released the 65LE in 2015. An engine of 5.88L for 251ch, a 6-speed automatic gearbox, twin beds and less than 9m long. Prices starting from 230 668 €

8. Notin Notinlies 930G

Luxury RV (2015 model), this Notin sports a 205 hp engine and is a whopping 9.45m long. The kitchen is equipped with 2 stoves + 2 induction hobs, a 190L fridge, an oven, 4 beds, a garage that can store a car, and many other options for the humble price of £216,000.

9. Concorde Liner Plus 1136 G

Double heated floor, xenon headlamps, illuminated electric step, digital lock, sleeps 2, Mercedes Atego engine (7.7 L / 299 hp), this RV is for sale at £280,000.

10. Monaco Diplomate 2017 43S

A luxury RV that’s clearly on another level. Feel at home with a electric fireplace, dishwasher, satellite dish, king size mattress, heated floor, home cinema, etc ... 11,50m long, 14 tons, and 400 hp. Price: £300,000

11. Vario perfect 1200 Platinum

You can choose your layout for this luxury RV. From the simplest (but still luxurious anyway) to the most complex. Our favorite is the Triple Slide Out III 2016, which has a room for a 12m vehicle, a room with 2 slide-out walls significantly enlarging the volume, a kitchen with a slide-out and an XXL garage. Starting from £525,000.

12. Action Mobil GlobeCruiser

The Action Mobil Globe Cruiser available in several models, here we will focus on Action mobil globe cruiser 5800 and 6500.

Double beds, solar panels, washing machine, control panel, hydraulic cylinders, garage for a motorcycle, lighted awning ... An ideal off road home for families. The 3 axles, will be able to carry more weight and thus increase the livable volume on board. Price: £475,000

13. Vario Alkoven 1200 space sensation

More luxury with more space! Sporting 2 double beds, it’s ideal for a family or 2 couples of friends.You can choose between 2 possible chassis, Man or Mercedes-Benz, with a 500 liter water tank. Not to mention the XXL garage in the RV. The price, starting from £600,000.

14. American Eagle

This American 14-meter luxury RV is an exceptional vehicle, for its luxury (home theater, massage bed, slide-out, etc ...), it's incredible size ... but also for its astonishing price of £540,070

15. Cami Terra Wind

Carri Terra wind or the amphibious camper. To put it simply, this RV turns into a boat. Imagine the next time you can’t find a parking space, you can just drive into the nearest lake!

This luxury RV is equipped with a 330 hp engine, for a cruising speed of 130 km / h on the road and 7 knots on the sea (= 13 km / h).

The price ? Are you ready? Depending on the model your looking at between £600,000 and £850,000

16. Volkner Mobil Performance II

The German manufacturer Volkner Mobil offers this 12m luxury RV, towed by a 460hp motor, a garage located between the axles, etc ... A sober, chic interior where nothing is missing. It comes with a £871,056 price tag also!

17. Action Mobile Desert Challenger

With this luxury RV it’s difficult to decide on what is most spectacular about it. Its design, its 600 hp, its 3 meters width or 12 meters length, its 2500 diesel fuel tank. It also weighs nearly 30 tons. We’ll let you imagine the price (a cool £1.3 million).

18. EleMMent Palazzo Superior

This RV is already quite well known for its unusual design. Stats wise you’re looking at 20 tons, 530 hp, maximum speed: 150 km / h, 12 meters long for a shocking £1.75 million. A yes, there is a terrace on the roof of the RV, how could we forget.

19. Anderson Mobile Estates

Better known in France as Will Smith's luxury RV. This luxury version costs £1.7 million. Electric blinds, 14 TV screens, electric sliding doors …need we continue.

20. Furrion Elysium

Last on the list, and boasting a bankrupting price, this luxury lounge was presented at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Then there is great luxury, slide out, flat screen (190cm), four, large living rooms, shower, jacuzzi, 13.70m long. There's also a helicopter pad on the roof, which is bound to come in handy. The price sits at £1.8 million.

Bonus video : Haulmark 45db 2018 ! The Luxury Truck

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